20 years of experience in real estate investments and developments

Encompassing real estate opportunities ranging from new projects to valued renovated projects.


Crowdfunding is an ocean of possibilities

Participate in opportunities before they reach the mainstream. The democratization of access to direct investment for everyone. Our Crowdfunding platform targets; startups, pools for IPO & ICO IPOs, NFT and Metaverse projects.


Enter the world of NFTs and the Metaverse with creative power and well-organized processes

We create NFTs that have strong and lasting value. NFTs are our gateway to the Metaverse in which we firmly believe.


How did we start?

As young entrepreneurs, creating startups and doing the impossible to push them to success. Active since 1993 in finance, telecommunications, digital media and real estate.

Who are we ?

We are today a reflection of our beginnings and the values in which we believe. We are passionate entrepreneurs who believe in the adrenaline of startups and exciting new projects. We place our work where our passions are.

Our strong points

Identify good investment opportunities, whether in real estate, promising startups, booming e-commerce or the fascinating world of NFTs.


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Real estate

With our 20 years of experience in development and renovation, we are looking for high potential properties that have great potential for growth. We develop new projects or renovate properties and thus increase their market value for resale or rental.


We believe in young entrepreneurs and the power of their creations/innovations. Catching a business in its infancy is a great investment opportunity. Our crowdfunding platform favors technology-related startups, the pearls of tomorrow.
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NFT & Metaverse projects

We have set up a dedicated team to work on challenging NFT and Metaverse projects. We believe that NFTs will reshape the business landscape of tomorrow. Our studio is working tirelessly to make Rise Capital a key player in this fascinating new ecosystem.
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Being present in e-commerce can expand your range of products/services. Develop a business and diversify its sales. We want to take our business to the next level. Give it an international reach and be able to share our products with a much wider target market. Investing in e-commerce is not an option in today’s world.

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