Don’t Miss the Switzerland Opportunity: The Advantages of Investing in Real Estate in Switzerland

As any investor will tell you, investing your money in real estate can be a very tricky business. Whether you’re a seasoned investment professional or just starting a new career path, your plans can vary depending on the month (or even week) you’re investing. However, there has been a new rising star in the real estate world over the past five years, and that is Switzerland.

Although there are many advantages to discuss, there are currently three main advantages to investing in real estate in Switzerland. When discussing these benefits, you should keep your experience level and knowledge of the area in mind in order to best suit your personal needs.

The first advantage of a real estate investment in Switzerland lies in the tax advantages that you can derive from it. In order to make a tax-efficient investment, you will need to decide whether you are making a direct or indirect acquisition. With a direct investment, you will be entitled to what is called privileged taxation. This means that only half the federal tax rate is required. It will save you a lot of money and stress.

The next big advantage of investing in Swiss real estate is the recent rise in house prices. As costs in residential areas skyrocket, your return on investment will increase. Jumping nearly five and a half percent, growing demands in residential will increase profit exponentially.

The final and perhaps the greatest advantage of investing in real estate in Switzerland is the overall stability of the Swiss real estate market, the Swiss franc and the infrastructure in place. Growing or stable in recent years, the Swiss real estate scene has seen only positive growth in recent times. The Swiss franc, seen by the global market as an extremely stable and viable form of currency, has only grown in value. Low bank interest rates and high transparency in financial statistics have made Switzerland’s economic situation very reliable. Switzerland’s general infrastructure has remained strong and has seen innovative improvements in recent years. This has created many open doors for real estate investment opportunities.

In conclusion, the advantages of investing in real estate in Switzerland far outweigh any disadvantages that may arise. The tax advantages that can be obtained, the recent rise in prices and the stability of Switzerland’s overall infrastructure make the country a tremendous opportunity for real estate investment. Taking advantage of these options will create a great advantage for you financially and increase your ability to invest in high quality homes. As you continue to explore the Swiss real estate market and determine which investments are the right choice for you, keep these concepts in mind. It will be useful to you!

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