Enter the universe of NFTs and the Metaverse with creative power and well-organized processes
We create NFTs that have strong and lasting value. NFTs are our gateway to the Metaverse in which we firmly believe.

Your gateway to Non Fungible Tokens

We believe in creativity. We hire talent with strong skills to help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves in producing unique NFT projects. We are working tirelessly to present our Metaverse projects to you soon.

How do we approach the NFT universe and Metaverse?

Fugu Nation started as a production studio for the NFT and Metaverse projects.
It is a community of enthusiasts who believe in the power and freedom that NFTs and the
Metaverse could offer individuals and far beyond.

Our NFT projects

The projects you see below are a small summary of Fugu Nation’s creations. Curious to know more? Visit the website!

Puffersquad is an animated digital collection residing on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Composed of 7 colors, 40 emotions and 106 lines.

Hey, young entrepreneur!

We can incubate you. Here is what we can do for you.

Find a concept

Show us your concept. If you believe it, we will believe it too.

Identify your market

Our team will research your target market and the best way to enter it.

Create the digital asset

We will create the smart contracts and give them the necessary properties to lead them to success.

Your promotion

As a partner of Fugu Nation, you and your NFT buyers are immediately integrated into the community.

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