Crafting Your Perfect Home, Brick by Brick


With 20+ years of experience, we are trusted in real estate, construction, buying/selling, and facility management. We’ve built 30,000+ m² of properties in the Middle East and Switzerland, delivering exceptional results. Passionate entrepreneurs, we seek growth through innovation and aligning work with our passions.

Choose us for capable hands and excellence in every project. Our skilled team ensures precision and attention to detail. We turn your dreams into reality, offering expertise in residential and commercial spaces. Our collaborative approach guarantees satisfaction and brings your vision to life.


Construction Services​

We offer a construction service for residential and commercial properties. We can build from scratch, starting with an empty plot of land, and create stylish buildings, villas, or commercial and residential complexes. Our expertise lies in cost optimization and the efficient use of materials, ensuring high-quality results. With extensive knowledge in development and real estate promotion, we are your ideal partner. Contact us to learn more about our services and entrust us with transforming an empty site into an impressive reality.


Renovation Services

Enjoy the exceptional benefits of residential and commercial renovation. With our professional service, you can transform your property into a beautiful space that meets your needs. Benefit from custom design and unique style that add value to your property. Our experienced team manages the entire process, from design to implementation, providing you with comprehensive support. Renovation allows you to optimize space utilization, improve energy efficiency, and create a modernized and functional ambiance. Contact us now for a successful renovation that will transform your property into an outstanding place.

Transformation Services

Specialists in the transformation of residential and commercial properties! We bring your vision to life by converting spaces into a completely different use. Whether you want to transform a commercial building into a charming private hotel or create exclusive apartments in a residential building, we are here for you. Our expertise is at your disposal to turn your transformation project into a reality with creativity and quality. Contact us now to start making your dream come true!

Other Specialties



We offer complete management services for residential properties, with a focus on villas. Our comprehensive range of services includes regular maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance, tenant management, as well as gardening and landscaping services. Our experienced team is here to ensure your peace of mind and the proper maintenance of your property. .



We specialize in the design and layout of restaurants and kitchen laboratories, thanks to our management team who have undergone training with GastroVaud to fully understand and assimilate the current regulations, thus ensuring optimal expertise. Our services include:

Restaurant design and layout: We design and create functional, attractive, and personalized dining spaces, taking into account your specific needs, ergonomics, and customer experience.

Kitchen laboratory design and layout: We design and create efficient kitchen laboratories that comply with sanitation standards and are tailored to your equipment requirements, workflow, and food safety needs.

Consultation and expertise: Our team is here to provide you with advice throughout the process, sharing our expertise on current trends, industry standards, and best practices.

We are committed to delivering customized solutions that align with your vision while adhering to the highest quality standards.


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